The State Early Childhood Advisory Council Bill (HB 461)
The MSCCA worked to pass this session and we were present for the Governors signing along with Maryland State Department of Education!

Groups Celebrate Week of the Young Child

On April 8, area leaders were joined by representatives from Washington County Public Schools, Head Start, local businesses and community groups at APPLES for Children to celebrate the Week of the Young Child in Washington County.

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MSCCA Members,

Here is a summary of what the new regulations changes will do effective April 14, 2015:
The clarifying provisions about Montessori schools only apply to centers. 

The definition of what is NOT childcare in center and LOC regulations is amended to make it clear that specialized training (which is exempt if that’s all there is) + custodial supervision (the essence of child care) = child care.

For all programs (FCC, center, LOC and LFCC) documentation that the facility has passed its most recent fire inspection is required for continuing registrations/licenses/LOCs.

For all programs (FCC, center, LOC and LFCC) the definition of “successfully passed” for a criminal background check had to be amended because the way CJIS reports criminal history has changed and the list of enumerated crimes is no longer used.  The amendment adds to the family child care regulations the same list of crimes for which an individual must be excluded from child care for all other programs; and corrections are made to the citations for the list in each chapter’s definition of “successfully passed”.

The LFCC regulations are also amended to require submission of documentation of Worker’s Compensation Insurance.


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GREG & STEVE - Ready, Set, Move!

Be ready to move at a session filled with action and audience participation. Move and celebrate the importance of music in early education with songs that are a staple in early childhood and fun for the adults.

Greg & Steve’s music plays a vital role in the early learning class room, covering all areas of development, physical, cognitive, language, literacy, social and emotional.

Greg & Steve, will “educate, motivate, enrich and entertain"!

Attention MSCCA Members and Non-Members!
The Conference by the Sea is right around the corner and we are going to be “Making Children’s Dreams Come True…Teachers Creating Happily Ever After”!

We will be at the Carousel Hotel and Conference Center on Friday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 4th celebrating teachers in early childhood education through our Fairy Tale theme.

We have some new and creative ways for you to get your information for the conference and to register.  We have a new website just for the Conference by the Sea. 

Click here: www.conferencebythesea.com and you will be taken into our website where you will see the registration form, presenter bios, session descriptions, our “Fairy Tale” theme contest and, if you are Credentialed through the Maryland State Child Care Credential, a link for Voucher information.  You can print everything and give it to your staff or let them check out the website themselves.
Remember, you now have $400 training money if you are Credentialed at Level Two or higher.  Anyone using a Credentialing voucher must apply at least 60 days prior to the conference.  The latest to apply for a voucher is March 3rd.  After that you will need to apply for reimbursement.
Register NOW…we will sell out soon!

Helpful Tips

1. To use the registration form, you must print it and fill it out.  You can scan and send the completed registration form to mscca1@comcast.net or mail it to the address listed on the form.  When choosing sessions/classes, be sure to choose a 1st choice and a 2nd choice for each time listed. If you have applied for a voucher, please attach a copy of that voucher application to your registration form.  The best way to send forms is by email.  Scan and send!

2. When filling out the registration form please write legibly.  We will not redo name tags or conference certificates because writing was not clear.  Please tell each person filling out the registration form so they are aware.  Name, address, phone number, email address, etc. must be written VERY CLEAR.  Please check all forms before sending.

3. You can pay online under the “Conference Details” tab click “pay online”.  You can pay by credit card through Pay Pal.

4. You can pay online and send in the registration form separately, but you must have all registration forms in within 10 business days of the payment being paid through Pay Pal.  Please attach a note or put in the email that you have paid online with the details of the transaction so we can verify.  If the registration forms are not received in 10 business days after payment is made online, we cannot guarantee you attendance at the conference or getting all 1st class choices.

5. There is still a discounted rate for sending 5 or more staff from the same center.  Please be sure to be aware of the price difference for Members, Non-Members and 5 or more from the same member center.  Everything is clearly listed on the website.

6. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Peusch at 410-820-9196 or mscca1@comcast.net or contact Jennifer Nizer at 410-550-1919 or jnizer1@jhmi.edu
We are so excited to see you “downy oshun!”


The Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework: Maryland’s Vision for Engaging Families with Young Children
This document, developed by the Maryland Family Engagement Coalition and The Policy Equity Group, LLC., is a framework that presents an overarching set of family engagement goals, strategies, examples, and resources and is based on the Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Framework. Companion documents will be developed and posted in the next few months that will provide a pathway for parents, programs, and service providers to follow to achieve the goals in the Framework.

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Welcome to the Maryland State Child Care Association!

The Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA) is the premiere professional association for licensed child care and early learning centers operating in Maryland and for associated businesses and individuals that support the mission of the Association. Our members are committed to providing the highest levels of cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development in safe and secure environments for the children entrusted to their care. We truly believe that we care for Maryland’s most important natural resource,
our children.

As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) trade association of child care centers, MSCCA provides professional development for the staff of member centers and educational outreach to the general public on matters related to early childhood education. MSCCA is actively engaged in the public policy arena to ensure that the laws and regulations governing our members are consistent with quality for the children and affordability for their parents and guardians. MSCCA Chapters in regions across Maryland provide our members with information, resources, and networking opportunities that are accessible on a local basis.

MSCCA is the official state affiliate of the National Child Care Association. Additionally, Board members participate actively with a variety of other organizations including, Maryland Family Network (MFN), Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Governor’s Council for Children and other organizations that share our members’ commitment to high quality, affordable child care and early learning.

More information about membership opportunities for MSCCA is available on our website (www.mscca.org). Interested child care centers, businesses serving the industry and individuals are encouraged to call or email the Executive Director or MSCCA Board members with any questions or for assistance.

More information about membership in the MSCCA is available under the section on Membership Applications. Interested child care centers, affiliates, businesses serving the industry, and individuals are welcome to call our offices at (410) 820.9196 or (877) 820.9196, toll-free in Maryland.



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